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CoreConnection now offers consulting services to fitness and wellness centers. Learn what diastasis recti is, and why it is so important to modify your exercise programs foryour clients who have this.


If you are a personal trainer, do you assess your female clients for diastasis recti?


Do you have clients who are moms who want their “pre-baby body” back, but can'tm ake it happen no matter how much you train with them?


Do your female clients say the "leak when they jump", or they "leak when they run"? 


Learn some basic exercises to teach your clients to help strengthen their core and pelvic floor muscles to prevent this from happening.  Rachelle is available to speak to your trainers and teach them valuable information.

In a group setting, your trainers can learn:

  • The relationship between diastasis recti and pelvic floor weakness

  • Why sit-ups are not recommended for your female clients

  • How to assess for diastasis recti

  • How to build the awareness of the core and pelvic floor in their entire workout

  • Learn modifications for bootcamp type fitness classes


Group class is taught by Rachelle Bojer, MSPT, and fees are based on the number of trainers in the group.

" My post pregnancy personal trainer didn't understand DIastasis Recti. He had me doing sit ups and crunches. Every workout I now know I was getting up from the bench in a way that further widened my DR. I finally understand why my tummy was not going away. i think those workouts made my DR worse. I'm so glad Rachelle was able to educate me and show me how to modify my workout in order to fix my DR and still tone my body. Forever grateful."  

Elizabeth S.

Consultation for Personal Trainers & Wellness Centers

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