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Integrative. Personalized. Compassionate.

Providing individualized diastasis therapy services for males and females of all ages.

"No matter how much weight I lost or how much I worked out by the afternoon my tummy area still bulged like I was several months pregnant. Since working with Rachelle my diastasis has been healing and I no longer look pregnant :)! The improvements have renewed my hope that I will once again feel good about my body"

  ~ Lisa N.

About CoreConnection

Meet Rachelle
I am phyical therapist who is deeply passoinate about women's health and wellness. My experience and expertise in pregnancy-related issues propelled me to develop CoreConnection, a comprehensive diastasis healing program. In addition to helping prevent and heal diastasis recti I also specialize in pelvic floor dysfunction issues such as urge incontinence, urinary frequency and stress incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, chronic constipation, dyspareunia, interstitial cystitis, sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain.

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My Approach
My approach is very customized to each individual client that comes in to see me. We discuss lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and goals. I perform manual work, taping, exercise instruction, and discuss eating plans to help heal diatasis.

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My Media Appearance & Publications
Check out my feature on channel 12 news to learn more about diastasis, the challenges it presents and how it can be prevented or healed. You will also find several related articles I have written for Long Island Mamas.

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My Partners
Healing diastasis and getting your tummy to look like it did pre-pregnancy can sometimes require a holistic wellness approach that might also include fitness, healthy eating, weight loss, or stress reduction. If you find you need assistance in some of these areas I've included a directory of related professionals I have worked with in the past.

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