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How to check for Diastasis


Fortunately it's quite easy to check yourself for diastasis recti. This simple self test will help you determine if you have it and how large your gap is / gaps are. There are three places to check.


If you are unsure you can ask your OBGYN, primary doctor or a trained physical therapist to check for you.

Lie on your back with your knees bent, and the soles of your feet on the floor.

Place one hand behind your head, and the other hand on your abdomen, with your fingertips across your midline-parallel with your waistline- at the level of your belly button. With your abdominal wall relaxed, gently press your fingertips just above your belly button.

Roll your upper body off the floor into a "crunch," making sure that your ribcage moves closer to your pelvis.  You measure the width of your diastasis by the number of fingers you can fit in the gap.  If you cannot feel it with one or two fingers, you may have to use more until you can feel the ridges of the reci muscles.

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