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Common. Misunderstood.

Knowledge is power. Learn how to check if you have diastasis and what your next steps should be to fix it.

What is Diastasis Recti?

Understanding Diastasis Recti

Learn what diastasis recti is, who is at risk and why, and the types of risks that Diastasis Recti poses. Diastasis Recti is often caused by internal pressure on the front of your abdomen around your belly button as a result of obesity or pregnancy.  Adominal muscle connective tissues (linea alba) stretch and weaken at the mid-line.

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Did You Know?

Up to 66% of moms have Diastasis Recti

It often goes undiagnosed

It's never too late to heal your diastasis recti

There are exercises that will make your diastasis recti worse

How to Check for Diastasis Recti
 Luckily it is pretty easy to check for diastasis recti. (You can even test if you are pregnant, so that you can dsomething about it during pregnancy!) Testing will help you understand how wide the gap between your muscles is and how deep. The deeper your fingers will go the weaker the connective tissue.

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How to Not Worsen Your Diastasis (and make that pooch bigger)

In order not to worsen your diastasis, it is important to be mindful about engaging the correct muscles to better support your lower back, and abdominal organs. This means engaging the transverse abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles need to be engaged when doing daily activities, lifting, pushing, pulling, and working out.

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Binding or Taping

Many women ask me if they  should wear a belly binder or abdominal wrap to help the muscle grow back together. My answer to this is, "These can certainly be helpful.".  In my experience, I find the wrap or binder helps with awareness of your abdominal muscles and to actually support your lower back. Please keep in mind however, the wrap or binder should NOT be used as a substitute or replacement when exercising the abdominals. 

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Photo Credit: Nurturing Childbirth

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