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"My therapist, Rachelle, is absolutely wonderful in understanding and focusing on the best treatment for my particular condition, Diastasis Recti (DR). She helped teach me exercises that have reduced my DR,  strengthened my core and rebuilt my confidence. She’s the best and I am so thankful to have found her!"

  ~ Courtney V.


CoreConnection - Post Pregnancy Restoration Program

Are you a mother looking to regain a flatter, more toned stomach? For women with diastasis or other core and pelvic floor instabilities this can be an uphill battle that takes many months, even years. The CoreConnection program helps you to:

  • Learn to tighten your tummy safely

  • Close abdominal separation (diastasis recti)

  • Gain full body strength and stabilit

  • Tone pelvic floor

  • Correct postural imbalances

  • Improve back pain & incontinence

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Preventative - Prenatal Program
Being pregnant can place a lot of stress on your pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to weakness before your baby is born. Your pelvic floor can become weak and stretched from as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy. You will learn what exercises are safe to do for your core, abdominal wall and your pelvic floor in order to prepare yourself for pregnancy, labor, and delivery, supporting your back,  speeding up your post-partum recovery and helping to prevent diastasis recti.

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Fitness Consulting for Personal Trainers & Gyms

Do you have clients who just can't lose their "Mommy tummy"?  Have they been checked for Diastasis recti? If untreated your client will eventually train their body to rely on other muscles to stabilize their pelvis because the anterior core is now useless to them. As a result they will continue to look 5 months pregnant well into the postpartum stage. This can lead to a potentially bigger separation, a mommy tummy that won’t go away, and a very frusterated client because she sees no progress in training. Learn some basic exercises to teach your clients to help strengthen their core and pelvic floor muscles, as well as become aware of what they should steer away from and where you should provide modifications specifically to prevent this from happening.  

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CoreConnection Programs



Strengthen. Balance. Restore.

Learn how to protect and rehabilitate your core during every movement throughout the day — even while sitting. Your individualized exercise plan will help you prevent and recover from Diastasis Recti.

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