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My Approach to Preventing & Treating Diastasis



My approach is very customized to each individual client that comes in to see me. We discuss lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and goals. Mothers have always been a special group of people to me. We take care of everyone else and always put ourselves last. So, when someone comes in and takes the time to learn from me about how they can make themselves look and feel better about themselves, I support them in whichever way I can. I will perform a thorough evaluation, and customize a practical plan that will help my client achieve their goal, in the way that suits their lifestyle.

My program is a culmination of what I have learned over the years as an orthopedic therapist and working with clients with diastasis ranging from 2 fingers width to 10 fingers width. I perform manual work, taping, exercise instruction, and discuss eating plans to help heal diatasis.

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