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" The care I received from Rachelle for my diastasis recti was outstanding! Rachelle treated me throughout my 3rd pregnancy as well as postpartum, helping to strengthen my core while closing my diastatis gap. I was so relieved to be empowered with the informational tools and specific exercises to reach my goals for healing and increased strength. Rachelle is warm, gentle and knowledgeable. She truly cares for her patients, which is proven by her genuine concern and encouragement during treatment."

- Shannon B.

Preventative Pre-natal Program

Being pregnant is such an exciting time, whether it's your first or your fourth pregnancy.  Learning what exercises are safe to do for your core and your pelvic floor is essential in preventing diastasis recti. 


What you will learn in our personalized pre-natal program:

  • Safe, effective core and pelvic floor strengthening

  • Movements to avoid when pregnant to help maintain the integrity of the linea alba during pregnancy

  • How to engage your transverse abdominals and pelvic floor muscles doing every day activities

  • Stretches and postural alignment exercises to help feel good during your pregnancy

  • Learn how to utilize your abdominals and your breathing during labor for more effective pushing during active labor


Package includes:

  • Evaluation and assessment of diastasis and integrity of linea alba (45-60 minutes)

  • 3 follow up sessions: once during each trimester to progress your exercises (30 min. each)

  • Access by email for questions or concerns in between sessions


*All evaluations are performed by Rachelle Bojer, MSPT, and all sessions are one-on-one


* Concierge services available where you can be evaluated in the convenience of your own home.  Travel expenses will be determined based on distance.






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