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Rachelle Bojer | JAN. , 2013| Long Island Mamas

Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits.  It increases your energy, mood and helps improve endurance.  Moms-to-be should know there are specific exercises they can do to help push more effectively during labor. A local expert gives our readers tips on how to strengthen their core muscles during pregnancy to help the delivery process along.

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Rachelle Bojer | 2014 | Channel 12 News

Rachelle Bojer checks for and discusses diastasis recti, how it effects women's lives and what can be done to prevent or repair it.

Rachelle Bojer | May 28, 2013 | Long Island Mamas

It’s not the most talked about topic, but if you’ve given birth, you’ve probably experienced some pelvic floor dysfunction. A local professional explains what it is and when it may be time to get help.

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Rachelle Bojer | Feb. 24, 2013| Long Island Mamas

Exercising after having a baby might be the last thing new moms want to do with all the feedings, changes and adjustments they are making in their daily lives. However, there are many benefits to exercising after moms deliver their bundle of joy.  Postpartum exercise can help elevate mood and energy, promote weight loss, improve cardiovascular...

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Below is a Channel 12 news recording where I discuss diastasis, the challenges it presents and how it can be prevented or healed. You will also find several related articles I have written for Long Island Mamas.

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