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How to Not Worsen Your Diastasis


In order not to worsen your diastasis, it is important to be mindful about engaging the correct muscles to better support your lower back, and abdominal organs. This means engaging the transverse abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor muscles. These 

muscles need to be engaged when doing daily activities, lifting, pushing, pulling, and working out.


Examples are:

  • Getting in and out of bed correctly

  • Hip placement during exercise

  • Correct breathing

  • What exersizes to avoid

  • How your exersize routine should be modified

  • Correct posture and body alignment

  • Proper form if coughing hard

  • Lifting (examples: children, laundry basket, car seats) correctly

  • Pushing heavy doors open correctly


Contact me to learn more about how to protect your abdominals, and not worsen your diastasis.

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