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Surgery is not the only option.
Learn about a non-invasive approach to close your gap!

Healing your Diastasis...

"What I achieved in just 3 days with Rachelle Bojer, I wasn't able to achieve in 8 weeks using a leading Daiastsis Recti rehab system. Rachelle is so compassionate. She literally cried seeing me in tears. I am very blessed to have found her." - Nazma K.

Is Your Tummy Bloated by the end of the Day? 
  • Just can't get rid of that tummy?

  • Feeling a general weakness in your core?

  • Experience incontinence that continues more than eight weeks postpartum?

  • Do you have lower back pain and and a four-months-pregnant look (post several months after giving birth)?

  • Do you have a dome-like bulge in the center of the abdomen when you cough or sit up from lying down?

Did You Know?


Studies have shown that up to 62% of women may have diastasis recti postpartum

Up to 50% of moms suffer from Pelvic Floor Prolapse

Proper exercise while pregnant can reduce the severity of post pregnancy diastisis recti and perhaps may even prevent it. (Journal of women's health physical therapy, 2005)

CoreConnect Success Stories. Time to Get Inspired.

Celebrating all those who have successfully worked hard to transform their cores and lost their "mommy tummy". People just like you have been successful in repairing their DR "Baby Belly" without needing surgery.  Read some of our success stories to become inspired and know that you can do it too!

"Rachelle and I worked together for nearly a year repairing the diastasis recti condition I developed when carrying my triplets. Consistency was key, even when I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, Rachelle's constant encouragement gave me the necessary nudge to get on with it. She not only "gave me back my body" but she helped in regaining my livelihood. - Valerie M.

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